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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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on traffic and congestion. with that, that's how we will approach our parking and our responsibilities. >> again, more visual. some of the special events that our teams are running on a routine basis. on utilizization of the space, cruise operations have the priority. we pride ourselves at our facilities to be able to maximize the usage and be creative and find /khr-bgs flexibility
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[inaudible] in new york city to be able to get in, set up to a point and then [inaudible] and allow a cruise ship to work and then come back in and set up. a lot of times with over 200 plus calls at the facility, we're on very tight turn arounds and it's a credit to the team, operations and security that are able to coordinate these things with a lot of these special events. we've worked closely with the cruise lines and the new york city edc who /oepbls the property and the super bowl committee who is hosting the super bowl in 2014. we will be hosting a number of events
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leading up to the super bowl and we're extremely excited about that. >> as i mentioned before and it's detailed in our rfp response, we have quite a bit of experience and quick turn arounds for events and in fact most of the e vents and the two listed here were turning around between when a cruise ship [inaudible] as acknowledged in the earlier presenter and in our rfp, but they are fluid and they change and you need a back up plan for that so we take that into consideration as well. our sales effort will be focused on identifying groups and uses for the facility that are in those non peak periods. there's times when cruise ships aren't going to come in. we're
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going to build around that. we're going to find /thoelz community events, create our own events, utilize indoor and outdoor space you've provided to really utilize the space. >> once a parking operator knows what the turnout's going /tobg, to be, we have experience in converting parking lots into different --
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it stays since february and in the backdrop that's on the south side of manhattan, but on the north side you see the carnival splendor so a lot of diversity in the types of special events, but these types of unique circumstances or events and birthing agreements that can be creating and generate a reasonable amount of revenue, /es especially a super mega yacht that will stay around. >> we have extensive experience in balancing crews and events
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to maximize facility utilizization. we also are the only [inaudible] that is directly managing parking operations, although in this model it would be a little different, but we have the exper cease to oversee that. with a good deal of understanding of how it works. we have the largest provider of security services in new york. safety and security are the corner stones of our business
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everywhere. we have an in-house process excellence team. it's a team that's coming in looking for continuous ways of waste and how to fix this. this is mainly in boston and manhattan, be/w*er hat we're looking at a charter in la right now as well. >> when you're considering this team, it's not the fact that i am local business. it's not only that i'm a local business that's been in business for many years, but also because of
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the exposure that convenient parking had in managing city parking with a spotless record. we have also been recently awarded four of the biggest garages for the city -- managing golden gate japan center as well as [inaudible] garage with our partners so we have the experience in parking management and especially focused on the [inaudible] garage experience that has different events, as well as the local street festival. as
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factors for columbia hospitality, you'll find that we have consistently delivered results with all of our facilities. we will be 100 percent focused on delivering results for your facility. we will report that in the rfp. and with due respect to the other team, you get a much more diverse and broad ability to deliver with the combination of convenient parking being a highly acclaimed local parking entity. and then ports america and columbia hospitality, which
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both bring cruise terminal operations and event operations and has been identified in all the publications and materials. it needs to be a balanced approach. >> thank you. >> we feel like we're the team doubling down. >> you're well past your time. >> one sense sentence -- i wanted to thank my cruise team who made the trip out here and is well supporting us from new york and los angeles. >> now we do have public comment. first up is [inaudible]. sorry if i mispronounced your name. after that, katherine hooper. we
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appreciate your comments being as concise as possible. >> thank you. i manage the north point shopping center. imperial parking came to us about 12 years ago. we were probably one of their first other contracts other than the giant's commission and we took a chance. we are on our fourth renewal with imperial parking. our parking lot has 750
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thousand visitors a year, we've gone through two equipment upgrades successfully. they've reduced our expenses and in some cases tripled our revenue. we were very very happy with imperial parking and we intend to continue with them and look for continued growth. they're flexible, they're around for fleet week and the fourth of july, which are the most high pressure events i think the warf has. and they continue to operate our garages under a management agreement, a license agreement and they're both very different. we have different ways of capitalizing on our revenue. i can't think of a better group right now to manage events and the unpredictability of what happens in the warf and the
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area. so if you have any questions or you need any other information, i'm available for anybody to call me or visit. >> thank you. katherine hoop every and [inaudible] thompson. >> i'm katherine hooper and to establish my credentials, i'm a local girl born raised here. i work for three of the finest cruise companies afloat and made a segue several years ago [inaudible] /-fpt you have a really challenging decision ahead of you and a really important one. it's nice to
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see that we have two such qualified con -- working on cruise ships and i can tell you that thanks to -- when you come to make your decision, i think it's very important and both of [inaudible] i think it's very important to factor in a couple of elements. one, is continuity. this is not an easy port to work in. i've had the /phrerbl sure in my career
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-- we are a challenging /porpt because of our geography and our facility. but having watched metro evolve over the years, [inaudible] quality cruise calls on this port because we are an expensive port. like it or not, we are an expensive port to work into. so continuity is very important. i think that even though we are one country in america and you'd like to think that customs and border patrol attest continuity, it /aos not true. every port in the united states seems to work a little bit differently so continuity and relationships are very important to whoever end up being selected by your group to
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manage it. this has been a real /treupbt to the metro services evolution with time -- we have tremendous consensus with union labor, security, with cash /ral labor, with customs and border protection, with the u.s. coast guard, the san francisco police department, fire department and a host of vendors and suppliers. relationships are important. overruling everything is the need for safety, come /praoeupbls -- compliance [inaudible] we want to make sure that a company can deal deal with the u.s. navy that's going to come and bail us out. thank you. >> thank. you
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>> my name is michael thompson. i'm a business representative for teamsters 665. we believe that impark is a reputable company. local 665 believes that impark would be an excellent choice to manage the /kraoutz terminal parking assignment. >> thank you. >> how you doing. thank you very much. i'm here representing the iow. labor prevails here in san francisco. we've been here a long time and it's good too see that
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there's another /kpaepbl bargaining for this position. it's good. but more importantly we have to stay focused on labor here and my question is to both parties. are they going to continue with union labor and what will happen with the events that they're talking about /stph-b will that also be union labor? you have the events for the [inaudible] plaza and you also have a lot of gearmen here. i'd like to know if there will be steady hires [inaudible] and then the events the same. will thereby local hires out of iow? >> thank you. >> good afternoon madam
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president and fellow commissioners. my name is patrick kim and i'm a proud member of the iowu for the local 75 for the past 20 years. i represent the work force that works at security and does the screening of all the cruise terminals in san francisco. iow has been in /kpeuls /tapbs since 1979. i reached out before i came here and i was told [inaudible]. local 75 has been the metro's work force for many years. also san francisco is the only port in the usa that employs us
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as /skrao*epblers of the passengers at the cruise terminal. we look forward to working at the james r her man terminal, pier 27 when it in the summer of 2014 and forever. also for the cruise aspect and the special events. >> thank you. after david hill, stan. >> my name is david hill and i am the vice president of local 34. i'd like to ask the commission to inquire of the two bidders here today a couple of issues that remain a concern for the iowu. the first one being we would like to know what the intent is of the two operators as to how many full-time jobs they'll be hiring, including the category they will be hiring under. the
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second question, how many iowu will be hired during the /e /srepbtds and what category would those fall under. and third, what other unions, if any, would be involved in the operation of the cruise terminal. finally, i have one question for metro cruise, and that is is what the structure of metro cruise? >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. i /praoerpbt the opportunity to come before you and speak. we are the super cargoes and supervisors on the dock during operations. we handle all the passengers,
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bringing them in two and from, help with the stores, keep logs, time, et cetera we've had a relationship with metro, who's offered us an opportunity to speak to them. we have not had quite that opportunity to talk to ports america. i will tell you that it is extremely critical to maintain relationships together and conversations that need to happen need to happen before you guys make this /khoeuls and they're not happening yet. so we would like you guys to ask the questions that -- hard questions now on who's going to be representing the operator and come directly and speak to the uow labor and the rest of the labor. we'd like you to ask them to do that prior to this selection so we can have some sort of relationship with them. we ask you to make those inquiries like david hill asked today. thank you. >> mike.
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good evening, madam chair, president and commissioners, thank you for the opportunity to give an aspect of labor's point of view on this bidding process at pier 27 and all cruise ship facilities in san francisco. we have a great on tunety to enhance the cruise ship business in san francisco or not. throughout the history of labor in san francisco we have been the moving force on the docks to help build the water front and the city. you have heard different presentations from metro and ports of america. either [inaudible] /kpaepbls get the bid, we will be working with
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them and the ilwu, will be working on the docks and the ships. as you know, we've had labor /tkeuls /paouts throughout the history of the ilwu because our aspects of work is safety and making sure the job gets done well. with metro we have met over the last few years and have had disputes over jurisdiction on the ships. it is real important to us to maintain our jurisdiction on these ships and not have foreign crews come off the ship or work on the ships doing our traditional work that we have done for over 75 years as the ilwu. all this cargo is revenue making cargo. it is put on the ships through the storage lock /erls and that is to a safe space for sailing. it is quite important -- you've
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heard some of the problems with the carnival lines and part of the problems is the crews doing maintenance and repairs on the ships, plus serving the passengers and they work up to 20 hours a day. there is been some changes in the rules to reduce that time and that's part of why metro and the ilwu have made an agreement to put us back on the ships. earlier in year we have been put back on the ships, working the ships, loading the stores and cargoes to the last point of rest and some of that has to do with this bidding process and also has to do with making these ships sail on time. and they have been. and so our concerns have to do with the seemless operation of transitioning from an event to a cruise ship terminals. it's quite important that we're involved in both aspects of it. and my fellow brothers and
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sisters from the ilwu have asked some questions that are quite important and where do they have us in the plans on these event staff and when they're transitioning to terminal from a cruise ship terminal to a party. i'll close up. it is important that we look at all the aspects of the cruise ship business. 120 /reuz sits or more, we need to look at 35, 37 and also 32 and 30 to maintain that as a cruise ship terminal that can use it for our military also. i would ask you to think hard and wise on either one of these companies, but they both have quite experience and in san francisco i would say metro has had more experience and have served a commitment to the city, in the hospital just in the cruise ship business, but we have seen it in the bulk party business so i /praoerpblt
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those questions asked. so thank you very much for your time. >> /tpha*pbg you. now we're open to questions or comments from the commissioners. mr. adams. >> i've got two questions. at our last commission meeting on april 23, we had two ilw members that said the relationship between ilw went from bad to worse, basically dysfunctional and i saw that if the presentation by metro this they had good relationships with ilw. clearly that's not true. also i wanted to talk about ports of america. you took over the contract in la in to 10, but my understanding is
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that metro is doing [inaudible] is that true. that is of concern to me because one thing that metro has shone that they can do it, but i want to know that the ports of america people in la -- if you won that contract, how come you're not doing the
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>> other ancillary services at
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the moment. we are fully capable of providing the stevedoring. >> i have a couple of questions and comments. in terms of the marketing of the cruise lines. the responsible -- with the port, how does that work? and i think both companies can re/spopbld to the question. >> good afternoon. the marketing efforts are in fact conducted very much jointly with the port of san francisco. the port of san francisco is member of cruise line association. we travel to
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events once or twice a year. together we do marketing events jointly. on a regular basis. we have a business development marketing plan. i touched on some of the elements of it in the early presentation. you don't want to be too /hrepbl /th*eu with it, but certainly have a well arctic /hraeupted /pweutdz [inaudible] >> if you'd like to re/spopbld to the question ports america -- how you see this marketing effort.